Tuesday, October 2, 2018

~The Sunflower Path~

~The Sunflower Path~

That's what she calls it... the sunflower path. She was speechless this morning... caught in the beauty of the raindrops on petals and the misty pathway, an archway created by drooping sunflower heads laden with God's cleansing rain.

It's in these moments that seem so ordinary and commonplace... a part of our morning routine..to walk this path to see our goat...that these moments gently transform into extraordinary moments.
I am fully aware of the weight God has placed on us as parents, and sharing God's word, truth, and love with our children. Making the most of each moment. But somehow, in these years of training, I'm finding these sweet little ones that God has entrusted in our care, have rendered me speechless with all they are teaching me of just who God is. How I almost missed this beautiful moment this morning...

Child of wonder.... if we only stopped in pure wonderment and awe of God's amazing creation He blessed us with....


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Psalm 133:1

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